The Arter Group Ltd

The Arter Group has merged all property management operations with LINE Partners. Please click the link below to connect with the familiar staff for your property management needs. The Arter Group services are now limited to consulting and brokerage services.

Consulting Services

What we can do for you

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You know your needs, you know your issues, you have questions.  We can help find answers to your real estate needs.  We have over 40 years of experience in development and financing, including historic rehab, affordable housing and commercial realty.


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The first thoughts out of the box are not always the best approach or the last word.  By talking thru your situation we often come up with solutions that nobody thought of initially. 


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Taking a concept to fruition and making it happen is sometimes the most challenging, but rewarding part of any project. 

About The Arter Group Ltd

     The Arter Group Ltd ., established in 1980, performed real estate management, development, and property maintenance services. All property management and maintenance operations were merged with LINE Partners Commercial Real Estate in 2023. James Arter, President, now performs independent consulting services and works with LINE Partners on commercial real estate brokerage services. 

Arter Equity Partner Inc. Serves as General Partner in several limited partnerships providing equity capital and partnership management.

Devco Inc . Established in 1970 as a full service development and general contracting company performing design/build turnkey construction. Devco Inc. was merged into The Arter Group in 2009.

The Arter Company Inc. Established in 1982, to structure private placement investment offerings and provide equity capital and quality investment opportunities, was also merged into the Arter Group Ltd. in 2009.

Dean E. Arter & Associates Inc. Following the purchase of his partner's interest in Arter & Speece, which was established in 1956 Dean E. Arter & Associates provided architectural services for Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Colorado, including private residences, public and elderly housing, churches, schools and public buildings, including the Federal Building in Lincoln. Following the loss of our founder, Dean E. Arter in 1995, it was eventually decided to discontinue ongoing operations of this company in 1998. 

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The Arter Group Ltd 
1001 S 70th Street, Suite 225
Lincoln, NE 68510

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